Fodale 's career begins in New York City where he opens a studio along with his brothers. As fashion, beauty and advertising photo retouchers they are quickly recognized for their sensibility and understanding of the art of enhancing the perfect moment captured by the photographer. Right at this early stage they collaborate with prestigious photographers such as Avedon, Penn, Scavullo, Watson and Newton.

In fact, years after year, success after, Tonino Fodale becomes the point of reference for many photographers, fashion magazines and advertising agencies. All these professionals use Fodale's services to extract the best from a photograph, to obtain the perfect image for their product.

After thirty years Tonino Fodale is a celebrity in his field. International work from Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and New York continues to this day in which Fodale and his team now utilize the most modern digital technologies in photographic post-production.

"Tonino Fodale Studio is one of the world's foremost expert on the art of fashion, beauty and advertising photo retouching. I have been collaborating with Tonino and his team for many years: the final product is always the perfect expression of my vision" Michel Comte.

"Tonino's sensitivity and his touch allows us to extract the best from each image, to obtain the ultimate photograph. He is the perfect retoucher for the perfect result!" Franca Sozzani Vogue Italia Editor in Chief.